Advertise is a website geared to help consumers make informed decisions on whether or not to spend money on a product or service.  The readers here range from those looking for information on a new electronic to social networks to regular household items.  There’s no limit as to things reviewed on this site.  That means that this site caters to just about any and all advertisers out there.

Since the site is new, we don’t quite have any numbers yet as to monthly visitors to the site or the demographics of those visiting.  As the site begins to mature, we will update this section with up to date numbers.

The reviews on this site are all the opinions of the writer and not paid product endorsements.  If you have a product you want reviewed, you can contact us here for a product review, but be forewarned, we will give unbiased honest opinions of your product or service.

Ad Placements

We currently offer three types of ads here at

  • 728×88 Banner Ad-  This is located at the top of our home page and is the largest sized ad we offer.  If you want prime placement for your product or service, this is for you.
  • 185×88 Top of Page Ad- Want prime placement but don’t need as much space as a banner?  This is perfect for you.  Located at the top right of the home page, this is a option to get plenty of eyes.
  • 250×250 Sidebar Ad-  This is your standard sidebar ad.  It’s a great size to share plenty of information about your new product or service with our readers.

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