Baby Alive Doll- A Doll That Pees & Poops, Is It Worth It?

My daughter received a Baby Alive Blonde Doll last year for Christmas as the big gift from her great-grandparents.  Yes, the Baby Alive Doll is the one that you feed special food and it then pees & also poops into a diaper.

Now, before my daughter received one of these for Christmas, I had never heard of the Baby Alive Doll or anything about it.  Since I grew up with only a brother, we didn’t have many dolls in our house.  However I do remember a doll that my cousin received once that you could give this fake milk bottle to and it would act like it was drinking it.

The one my daughter received was the Baby Alive Blonde doll.  It has blonde curly hair and a red dress on it.  In the box comes the plate, special spoon and water bottle for the Baby Alive Doll.  Also there are a few diapers and packets of the special food mix that you add water to.

Feeding The Baby Alive Doll

To feed the Baby Alive, you take one of the packets of mix and add water to it.  Then, using the special spoon (has a magnet in it) to feed her, she will begin talking to you as you feed the Baby Alive Doll.  From comments I’ve seen on various places is that you want to make sure not to feed it anything other than the Baby Alive Doll Brand Food.

After a few times of spooning in food, you then use the bottle to squirt some water down the mouth & rinse it down into the diaper.

On the doll’s arm is a watch with a button you press to make the Baby Alive talk to you.  It says phrases like “I’m Hungry!” and “I’m Thirsty” along with many others.

The first time my four year old daughter used the Baby Alive, my wife did a quick video recording of her feeding it.  You can see the joy it brought her below:

What About Cleaning The Baby Alive Doll

After you are done feeding her, you will now want to change the diaper & clean up the Baby Alive.  My wife assists with taking off the “dirty diaper” and makes sure to give her a good rinsing out at the sink.  Then before applying a new diaper, you want to make sure you let the Baby Alive dry thoroughly to avoid any mold/mildew from trying to grow inside.

Usually by this time my four year old daughter is tired of playing and heads off somewhere else leaving mommy to do all the cleaning on the My Baby Alive.  So as the parent, be prepared to have to step in & make sure the Baby Alive Doll is all cleaned up.  

Final Thoughts On Baby Alive Doll By Hasbro

This very popular children’s gift is something that will definitely bring a lot of joy to a little one.  But, as the parent, be prepared for the gift that keeps taking.  You will need to constantly purchase more food and diapers for the Baby Alive Doll just like you would for an actual child.  Every time you feed it, you will also need to clean it and replace the diaper on the Baby Alive Doll.

In our house, it only comes out on special occasions maybe 2-3 times a month as it can get expensive having to buy all the Baby Alive Doll supplies. But, to our daughter, it is one of her favorite toys from last Christmas and something she absolutely loves playing with.  If you have a child that loves playing with dolls I would recommend looking into purchasing the Baby Alive Doll for them.

Jeremy Blanton

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    You are aware that you can make food with Baking soda, food coloring and water. In addition you can either by cheap newborn diapers or make cloth diapers out of a wash cloth and safety pin. Saves our household ALOT of money!

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    Where can I buy one I really want one

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