iomega 2TB MiniMax External Hard Drive

MinimaxWith the increase in amount of digital video, music, and files being created nowadays, there has becoming an ever increasing need for more and more storage space.  For me, I have an older iMac that only has a 250 GB hard drive, so between the large file sized photos my Canon t3i takes & the 1080HD video clips, plus a few thousand songs in my iTunes library, filling that space took me less than 3 months.

So I began the search for a good hard drive that would work well with my Mac systems and also give me the ability to connect via Firewire for faster transfer speeds.  That is when I came across the iomega 2TB MiniMax external hard drive (aff) on Amazon.  This hard drive met all of my requirements and then some.  It’s designed to become a stackable type of hard drive that you could connect multiple together.  It was actually built to go along with the Mac Mini computer in style, so it is all built in white and has an aluminum colored finish around the outside.

Here’s an unboxing video:

By adding this hard drive I’ve added 2 terabytes worth of storage space onto my system which so far has been plentiful.  What’s great is when I run out, I can simply purchase another and connect it onto the already connected external hard drive.  Since it is connected via firewire, I can definitely tell a difference in the transfer speeds over my other hard drives that are connected via USB.  This comes in really handy when transferring video files.  Some of my video files can be as large as 3-4 gigabytes in size.

When I used to use my USB external hard drive, it would take upwards of fifteen minutes to transfer.  Now, those same files can be transferred in under three minutes.

The one thing that did disappoint me with this hard drive was that I expected it to be encased in aluminum just like Apple computers.  It looked like it from the photos I saw, but when I unboxed it, I realized it was only plastic.

Overall, for a price tag of just over $200 for 2 terabytes of storage that can be connected via firewire, the iomega 2TB external hard drive is an excellent investment if you are needing to increase storage space on your Apple computer.

Jeremy Blanton

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