Excelvan FM Transmitter for iPhone MP3/MP4 Review

Excelvan FM TransmitterI recently purchased the Excelvan FM Transmitter from Amazon to connect my iPhone 5 to the audio systems in my vehicles.  Since both of my cars are a little older in age, they do not have the AUX line in jacks that most recent vehicles have to connect your own MP3 to your sound system.  That being said I had a few options.

I could either purchase two new stereos and install them into my vehicles which would take a lot of time retrofitting and cost a few hundred dollars, or I could look for some sort of FM transmitter.  I remember when I had my first iPod I purchased a small transmitter and plugged it in to listen.

I headed over to Amazon and after reading a few reviews I decided to go with the Excelvan FM Transmitter.  It had good reviews and was reasonably priced at around $23.00.  I bought two and so far have been very happy with the purchase.  Here’s a full video review:

Jeremy Blanton

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