How Does The Dyson Vacuum Compare to $2,000 Models?

Rainbow VacuumI once had a friend of mine asked me to help them out with a favor.  Being the good friend I am, I said I would help out.  If only I knew what the favor was before agreeing to do so.  What they needed us to do was sit through a 90 minute demonstration for this wonderful rainbow vaccuum cleaner to my right.  They had purchased one and if they got enough people to sit through a demonstration, they would get a free shampoo attachment.

Growing up, my grandmother had one of these, and it did do a good job cleaning her carpets.  But when you finished cleaning, it was a pain to clean out the water tub and all the inside parts.  She would have to take it to the bathroom, pour out the carpet dirt and water into the toilet and it was just plain gross.

DysonNow, about two weeks before this demonstration took place, my wife & I had just purchased the Dyson DC 17 Animal upright vacuum. (aff)  We thought it was a wise investment as we were preparing for our first child at the time.  It was a pretty big investment at the time of $549 but since then it seems the prices have come down tremendously.

While the gentleman was here doing his demo, he also wanted to do a few tests on our vaccuum, so we pulled it out and let him do all the tests.  The reason he was doing these comparison tests was to show us how inferior our regular vacuum would be to the much more expensive Rainbow.  But, when he ran the tests, he really couldn’t find any thing negative to say about our Dyson which I think upset him.  But, the wife & I sat quietly grinning internally.

So do I need to spend $2,000 on a Rainbow brand vacuum?  Or will a much less expensive Dyson do the job?  I’d say save the money and get the Dyson.  It is a great vaccuum, easy to move around, has the wand built in, and clean up is so easy… simply pull off the canister, put it over the trash can, push one button and BAM, you are done!  Unlike the Rainbow which has the water tank & pull behind canister, this is all built into one which makes moving around the house much eaiser.  Steps are definitely a lot easier to manage with this.

So, in conclusion, we could’ve spent $2,000 for the Rainbow or, the Dyson which was only $549.00 The Dyson came with all the attachments and we didnt have to buy anything else or beg friends to sit through a demo.  If you are looking for a new vacuum, I would highly recommend you check out the Dyson lineup.  We have had ours now for almost 5 years and it still works as well as the day we purchased it.


Jeremy Blanton

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  • Mike

    I got a hand me down rainbow from the 60’s or 70’s…. Love this thing! How hard is it to dump water? A dyson still requires you to “drag your cord” around so no difference there. I’d like to see my parents dyson last over 40 years.

    • Mike I had a hand me down Kirby and Rainbow in the past. The Kirby, well, it was a tank and virtually indestructable. The Rainbow was a total pain though to clean out the tank & filters. I remember taking a toothpick to clean out the filter and that was just not appealing.

      My Dyson is now on year 7 and working as good as new. Emptying is still as quick and effortless as before. Once every 15 months or so, I might completely break it down and give the cannister a super thorough cleaning.

  • Bryan

    I’m hard core Rainbow through and through. I purchased one becasue I’m a sucker..I hate that it’s a pain in the a** (still is to this day) but there’s no clean like the Rainbow cleans. So worth it. Guess how often I dust with a rag? Maybe every 3 months just to add a shine..there’s nothing to dust up…the Rainbow does it all. I’m not knocking your Dyson either…I’m just expressing my love for the Rainbow