Vistaprint – A better deal than your local printer?

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Sunpak Video Pro M3 Tripod Review

Here’s a quick review of my recent tripod purchase of the Sunpak Video Pro M3. I’ve used[more]

Review Of The Blue Yeti USB Microphone

I bought this Blue Yeti USB microphone several months ago and have really enjoyed using it.  So far[more]

Western Digital External 1TB Hard Drive with USB 3.0 Connection

This is a review of the Western Digital External 1TB Hard Drive with USB 3.0 connection. I picked up[more]

Pluggable 10 Port Powered USB Hub

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Review Of The Otterbox Prefix Case For iPhone 5

I recently upgraded my cell phone from an older Android device to a new iPhone 5 32GB device.  Sinc[more]

Is Clicktest Worth My Time?


There are plenty of services out there to monitor the way people interact on your site, but one that I found that really stood out was Clicktest.  This is an application that shows you on a visual heatmap where consumers click on your website.  You may think this isn’t that valuable information to know, but…

Is Pinterest the Next Facebook?

Pinterest Review

We’ve heard all the fuss over the past few months about Pinterest being the next “big” thing.  I’ve heard experts make the following statement: Pinterest is the next Facebook, but it will be even bigger! I remember grinning when I heard that statement originally.  I gave Pinterest an honest effort for a few months to…

Are Beats By Dre Studio Headphones Worth $300?

Beats By Dre Studio Headphones

I work from my home all day long and sometimes it gets a little extra noisy with a 4 year old & 18 month old there all day long as well.  When working on some projects, being able to remove all distractions is a tremendous help.  In the past I would need to close the…

iomega 2TB MiniMax External Hard Drive


With the increase in amount of digital video, music, and files being created nowadays, there has becoming an ever increasing need for more and more storage space.  For me, I have an older iMac that only has a 250 GB hard drive, so between the large file sized photos my Canon t3i takes & the…

Smartphone, Pocket Camera, Regular Camera, What’s the Best Bang For The Buck?

HD Video Comparisons

Over the past few months I have really been focusing on increasing my efforts in video and increasing my skills in making video.  Today I wanted to share a video I made of various HD video options that are out there that I currently own.  Some of the devices I tested do not promote that…

Audio Technica ATR 3350 Wired Microphone

Audio Technica ATR 3350

Having good audio on your videos is a major component to the overall quality of the video.  Have you ever seen a video and press play to only hear all the background noise and not the person who you want?  Or, have you ever started a video of someone outside to only hear the blasting…

Should You Spend Money On Your Online Reputation?


This past week I was down in Miami presenting as a Social Media Speaker for the National Association of REALTORS® at their Tech Edge event.  While there presenting, one of the sessions I participated in was a panel regarding  your online reputation.  Shortly after finishing the discussion I was checking my inbox and found an email that…