Audio Technica ATR 3350 Wired Microphone

Audio Technica ATR 3350Having good audio on your videos is a major component to the overall quality of the video.  Have you ever seen a video and press play to only hear all the background noise and not the person who you want?  Or, have you ever started a video of someone outside to only hear the blasting sounds of wind into the internal microphone of the camera?  Unfortunately, you are not alone. This is something that happens all too often.

One solution I came across and wanted to give a try was the Audio Technica ATR wired (aff) microphone.  It is for sale on Amazon for about $23.  It’s a simple wired lavalier style microphone that runs on a single watch sized battery.  The ATR-3350 comes with about 20 feet of cable and can connect to any audio device that has a 1/8″ audio jack.  I tested mine with a Kodak Playtouch outside standing about seven feet from the camera.

I live close to the beach, so there is regularly a slight breeze here whenever shooting outside video.  Here’s a quick test of the Audio Technica ATR-3350:

So if you do a good amount of video in windy areas, this is a great microphone to pick up.  If your problem is background noises in crowded areas, this microphone does an alright job, but there are definitely other better options out there which I hope to review in the near future.

One of the things I did notice when I was editing the video was that the audio feed on this microphone is only mono left.  This problem was easily solved with a quick trip over to the local Radio Shack and purchasing a $3 adapter.  What the adapter does is take the mono left audio signal and places that same feed on both the left and right channels.  While it isn’t a true stereo sound, for the videos that most people do, it will work perfectly fine.

So, if you are struggling with audio on your video, and your camera has the option of connecting an external mic, the audio technica ATR 3350 is an excellent option for the price.  For just under $30, you can take that horrible audio and make it sound amazing.

One final note on the Audio Technica ATR-3350, if you purchase one of these, I would highly recommend you pick up several spare batteries immediately.  Inevitably, you will forget to turn off the microphone when finishing some time and when you go to use it the next time you will have a dead battery.  Walmart sells them in three packs for around $5.

Jeremy Blanton

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