Can $25 Really Improve Your Video Lighting?

Sima 36 LED lightWhen it comes to video there are basically two main components to it.  The first is audio which we discussed how to improve video audio with a $25 microphone, and the second key component is your lighting.  If your video is not well lit you will lose viewers pretty quickly as the cannot see exactly what is happening.

That being said, I went on search for video lighting gear to improve my videos.  I’ve looked at everything up to $3,000 light panels.  I’ve purchased a full lighting kit which I’ll probably review here in the future, but the issue with most of these sets are portability.  I need something simple, quick, and portable for when I am at a conference speaking.

Then I came across the SIMA 36 LED rechargeable light. (aff link) This compact little LED light is a great compliment to your video gear that can be a really good light source for your videos.  It is rechargeable and normally lasts about 45 minutes to an hour.  It has a hot shoe mount which gives it the ability to attach to several camera quickly.  If your camera doesn’t have one, you have nothing to fear as it comes with a bracket that gives you a quick and easy way to mount it to any camera with a tripod mount.

While this is a great little light, there are a few things I wish it had that it doesn’t.  The first would be the ability to dim it.  It only has an on off switch which sometimes causes a problem when you just need a little light but not the full blast.  The second thing would be an easy way to add filters to it to soften it or add warmth to a shot.  Lastly, I’d love it if I had the ability to angle the light.  When you mount this onto your DSLR camera it can be almost blinding to the subject in front of it.  If I could give it a slight angle upwards I think it would help immensely.

Here’s a quick video demonstration:

Overall though, for a $25 light, I think this is a great addition to any camera bag for the on the go person who wants a simple and portable light for those times where a full lighting kit wouldn’t be possible.

Jeremy Blanton

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